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Go Lite Lipo Lounge, LLC, Columbus, Ohio's Fastest way to burn fat! 

Burn Fat , Tighten & Tone Skin Fast!

Melt Fat Away Fast !

Pump in the LED Light Waves! 

Burn Fat!! 

It's Simple!  

 We have the Best  Lipo-Lights in Columbus, Ohio!!  


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C O V I D  19 / Global Pandemic

Go Lite Lipo is constantly finding new ways to prioritize its clients & technicians well being. 

Since Covid 19 concerns turned into a reality 05/15/2020 in Cols, Ohio 

 We have worked to prioritize protecting our clients ,  going forward through all Phases.

 Our clients range from 18 to 72 yrs. of age.

So we must protect the most vulnerable.


We want to assure all  that we are attentive to providing safety measures from safety curtains, to sanitizing cots covered with protective coverings and paper liners.

We will ask you to social distance, as well as wear your facial covering through all phases.

We are in Phase 1  at 25% scheduling capacity.

Until we hear from Governor De Wine, we will continue to monitor phase by phase from mid May to the middle of June . 


Your patience is appreciated in this matter. 


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   UNI-SEX   THE  BEACH BODY  Weight Loss Packages Now On Sale!! 

Beach Body Mini 2 Sessions  /    Beach Body Regular 4   Sessions/ Beach Body Full 6  Sessions 

If you have purchased this package from any other source such as Groupon or Living Social, the price of the product required to do this procedure has not been included in the price of  your purchase, and is required at the time of your consultation.

We accept 1 Groupon/Living Social Purchase per New Customer.

Don't be a SHY GUY!!!

Beach Body SEXY SALE  is for the men too!!

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Slim by Summer Lipo Lite Sale

Book & Purchase Online.


We schedule 1 person per room , per hour . 

All of our procedure rooms are sanitized and disinfected after each session.  

 Now with plastic cot coverings, and protective curtains for each room. 

Social Distancing Applies

Best Face Mask Wins Free Lipo Lite Session!


Whats Hot & New This Summer

2#'s the energy for faster results!



Ultra Body

Skin Repair

Cellular Stimulation

Plumping & Toning all body areas! 

Lasting Results with 1st Session! 

2    Sessions Package / 4 Session Package 

Product is included when purchased in from Go Lite Lipo.

If you have purchased this package from any other source, 

such as Groupon or Living Social , the cost of product that 

is required to do the procedure has not been included in the 

price of your purchase and is due at time of your consultation.

We accept 1 Groupon or Living Social  per new client.


FDA Cleared


Clinically Proven

No Down Time 

1 to 2 clothing sizes*

8 to 12 sessions*

CHECK OUT  Go Lite Lipo Lounge  /  SPECIALS for Greatest Savings!!!


Look younger, lose inches & feel  better.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the slimmed down, toned body that you deserve.

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Science-Based Expertise in Lite Frequency & Ultra Sound Wave Therapy

    Led Lipo Contour /  Body Sculpting

Non-Invasive body contouring using one of the most effective methods of achieving fat loss in the area where you want it.   LED Liposuction is non-invasive diodes that causes the body's increase of ATP. Thus, causing the body to use stored fat for energy.  This method of fat reduction can be used in any desired area including arms, waist, abs, flanks, love handles, hips, buttocks and legs. By using light energy we can cause the fat to be released through the body's lymph system naturally.

  Ultra sound  /Fat Reduction

  Using ultra sound technology also increases the body's metabolism, which in turn burn's fat throughout the whole body.  It also causes toxins stored in the abdomen to be released, and firms up the muscle.

  ULTRA BODY / Cold Sculpting

  Cinderella Affect Tightening

Lighting system increases the production of your own body's collagen to repair to tighten and firm  over all  skin tone. Exercise for the skin. 

   Whole Body Vibration/ Energy

Whole Body Vibration, (WBV) is a  platform  you stand, sit or lie on a machine with a vibrating platform. As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy into your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second. WBV  has become the revolutionary method for weight loss...burning  massive amounts of calories in a very short period of time - up to 500 calories in 10 minutes! All Whole Body Vibration machines were not created equal! 

   VP / ULTRA  

V P provides adequate frequency & vacuum to stimulate elastins repair 

   Mod Sweat / Far Infra Red   

Far Infra Red beyond the 5th spectrum to boost the body metabolism, reduce cellulite. 


Located in Dominic Building

By Appointment Only

2nd floor.

Proudly Serving Columbus! 

1545 Bethel Rd, Ste . 201 E

Columbus, Oh 43220

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