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Go Lite Lipo Lounge, LLC, Columbus, Ohio's Fastest way to burn fat! 

Burn Fat , Tighten & Tone Skin Fast!

Melt Fat Away Fast !

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Burn Fat!! 

It's Simple!  

 We have the Best  Lipo-Lights in Columbus, Ohio!!  


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Lipo  Contour


Lipo Contour



RF Face Lift


Limit 1 per person​

                                       MOD SWEAT $45

                                     Limit 1 per person




RF  Anti Aging LIFT


                          Thermal Skin Tightening Fat Freeze  


             3 SESSIONS / 1  BODY AREA /  $299

Fat freeze is a thing!!  While the fat cells them self will die at 32%  Fahrenheit , the skin cells are resilient.  This Cold Technology is the fastest way without down time or surgery to repair the metabolism into dumping waste from the body .  Elasticity   heat 160 degree Fahrenheit  to repair. No Pain, Non Invasive ! Results in as little as 3 Sessions .  Skin Tightening &N Toning  for arms , legs, back, abs, flanks /   Limit 1 Per Person