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Go Lite Lipo Lounge, LLC, Columbus, Ohio's Fastest way to burn fat! 

Burn Fat , Tighten & Tone Skin Fast!

Melt Fat Away Fast !

Pump in the LED Light Waves! 

Burn Fat!! 

It's Simple!  

 We have the Best  Lipo-Lights in Columbus, Ohio!!  


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We will respond within 24 hour's 

LED Lipo Lite Body Shaping!

45 Minutes to fat loss!!!!


 5 Sessions  

10  Sessions

12  Sessions 

Grand Opening Sale / Best Deals Are In House Deals !

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Make Life Your Beach !


If you have purchased this Weight Loss package from  Groupon , the cost of the product per procedure, and consultation fee are not included in the Groupon Purchase.

Purchased in house from Go Lite Lipo , all product included  in the price listed.

Optimal for :

Inch Loss

Cellulite Reduction

Muscle Firming

Skin Toning

Whole Body

Vibration & Meditation


3 Sessions / $50

6 Sessions / $100

9 Sessions/ $150

12 Sessions /$175

Burn Fat

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Cortisol

Regulate Blood Glucose

And more...


No Down Time

Chin & Neck Session's


        Chin & Neck Slimming!

     Results with 1st Session*