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Pump in Sound Waves; Pump Out Fat​, Non-Invasive Fat Reduction & Body Contouring.


 The Modern Male Sale

Offer expires 2/13/22

Any 1 Procedure $99.00

                         Blue Light Facial Bathing   

         Anti Aging Red Light  Chin & Neck 

           Laser Lipo Contour  Fat Reduction 

Cavitation Fat Reduction  Package

Choose from any 1 of the following areas:

Abs& Flank, Arms& Back, Bum, Thighs,Neck

Instant circumference inch  & water retention loss  after just one session, allowing globular stubborn fat to be emulsified and metabolized dumping out through sweat & elimination . Muscle tone& Skin firming.

Mod Sweat 

Package of 3 for Optimum Results*

1 Session available for Modern Male Sale*

Includes Essential Oil Steam Shower Room

Assisted Meditation Sweat Sessions


No Walk Ins / Appointment Only


Multipolar non-ablative (RF) radio frequency therapy is a technique that produce's energy to heat tissue and  lifts and tightens skin by reconstructing collagen to restore natural elasticity and youth  

Consultation is required*